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No Manpower? We can help you with that.


Lack of Manpower is the biggest problem our clients face. We have a range of HR solutions to solve your Work Pass and Staffing needs.

Clients since 1991 


95% success rate for
first-time applications

We are upfront with our clients from the get-go, and will only submit an application when all recommended conditions are met.


Should an application fail, we study the reasons and craft a suitable appeal. Taking into account successful appeals, our overall success rate is close to 99%.

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Why work with us

high success rate.png

High Success Rate

95% of our clients have their pass approved on their first application

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Our service fees are lower than our competitors, with no compromise on speed and efficiency.


30 Years of Experience

Our service culture has won the trust of many big corporations, SMEs and government agencies.

We are able to help you save time on hiring and onboarding.

Contact us to find out more.

Here's a brief look at our application process.

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Understand your 

Prepare documents

Apply, liaise and update

Medical & Insurance

Work Pass

We schedule a quick call to find out your requirements, and advise the best options to meet your needs.

We'll gather all the necessary documents to begin the pre-application process.

We'll liaise with MOM on any follow-up queries,  and provide you with timely updates.

Once in-principle approval is granted, we'll advise on the various medical tests and insurance required.

Once your worker has completed all paperwork and tests, the work pass will be approved for issue.

Pricing Table

We believe in transparent pricing.

Fees quoted below are all-inclusive, and cover the costs paid to MOM, our medical partners and insurers, as well as our administrative charges.


All-in Fee

Employment Pass

Inclusive of MOM Application Fee, Pass Issuance Fee, and all follow up queries and appeals to MOM




Work Permit/LOC



1. All medical checkups and mandatory medical tests




2. Medical Insurance for pass holder (charged yearly)




3. WICA Insurance for pass holder (charged yearly)

Subject to prevailing rate





All industries.png

All Industries

We work with companies of various sizes and sectors



What are the types of work passes are available?

We are able to handle all pass applications, and advise you on the best option. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

I am unable to find the right hire, are you able to assist?

We are able to provide a range of HR solutions to solve your staffing needs. Get in touch with us now.

The application process seems complicated, I am unsure of how to even begin.

Not to worry! We will do the heavy lifting, making the entire application a simple and fuss-free process for you.

How long does it take to get a work pass approved?

For a work permit, approval can be granted as quickly as 1 week. However, we recommend allowing a 1 month buffer period.

For a S-Pass, the full process takes about 2 months. However, we recommend allowing 3 months as a buffer.

Still have more questions?

During the free consultation process, we will pinpoint the type of pass your potential hires need, address your staffing concerns, and answer any questions you might have regarding the application process.

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