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IT & Manpower Supply

Outsource and solve your manpower issues


Manpower Issues? Not any more.

Employees not turning up to work? Unable to find the ideal candidate in a tight labor market? 


Use our labor supply services and outsource away all your worries.

We handle all the administrative matters, including but not limited to payroll, onboarding, pass applications, CPF contributions, tax declaration and contract management.

How we differentiate ourselves

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Full Service HR

Recruitment, Contract outsourcing, Payroll, Employee on/offboarding, CPF & IRAS reporting, Work Pass applications, and more. We do it all.

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Our fees are highly competitive, without compromising on quality.

If you find a better rate, we promise to match it. No questions asked.


Legal Advisory

We go above and beyond. We have successfully defended our clients during employee disputes at TADM and the Employment Claims Tribunal.

We serve a broad range of industries











Clients since 1991 



How does manpower outsourcing work?

Let us know your business process requirements, and we will provide the manpower and services required. For example, if you require maintenance of your company's computer network, we will station our IT engineer at your company to assist accordingly.

Can you assist with hiring locals or foreigners, processing the necessary paperwork and managing their payroll?

Yes, we are able to source for both locals and foreigners, as well as manage all administrative work.

What is the billing process?

Under a contract for service arrangement, we send you a monthly billing for our services. You do not need to worry about any other administrative work.

What are your fees?

Our fees differ depending on employee volume, as well as whether you prefer us to manage under our headcount or yours. Rest assured we provide one of the lowest fees (if not the lowest) in the market.

Still have more questions?

During the free consultation process, we will identify your organization's needs and recommend the most suitable options, as well as address any questions you may have.

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